Monday, October 23, 2017

Mailable Monday - Cats

Hi stampers!  I'm back after a busy week at my mom's hence my lack of posting last week.  I tried to get ahead then failed and gave up on her "potato internet" as my hubby calls it.  It's about as fast as a potato, lol!

Anyway, here's a quick and cute card.
And I do mean super quick.  I punched these kitties out of the DSP with the cat punch.  The only stamping was the sentiment!

Ian would love this one, he LOVES cats.  I'd like to have one but I'm super allergic so this card will have to do for now.

Happy stamping!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday Fail

Hi stampers!  I have a spooky card today...and clearly, I got a late start.  Whoops! ;-)

Anyway, I can't even really remember how I did this background.  I know I attempted a smoosh technique and it ended up more of a the whole piece of paper had ink all over it technique LOL!!!!  There were tangerine tango, pumpkin pie, and peek a boo peach reinkers involved if you want to try to recreate it but I think I must have used way too much ink...for the look I was aiming for anyway.

But the longer this dried, the cooler I thought it looked and pretty spooky, too!  So it wasn't a fail after all!

I threw on a silver chandelier, some spiders, and a raven and it was perfect!  I haven't used this set nearly enough yet, it's super cool!

And don't forget that one "ruined" project can turn into another perfect one!

Happy stamping!
(I'll try add supplies later, the interwebz are not cooperating now)

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Count My Blessings Card - Stampin' Up Global Artisan Design Team Blog Hop

Hi stampers!  I've failed at posting this week!  Oops!  I've been busy, but I'll fill you in about that sometime later.  Right now, it's time for a new Artisan blog hop!  Hooray!

For this hop, we could choose to use Gourd Goodness or Count My Blessings Stamp Sets.  I initially thought I'd use Gourd Goodness but then I decided to use Count My Blessings because it totally isn't "my style".

One of the many things I've enjoyed about being on the ADT this year, is being pushed outside my comfort zone to use things I probably wouldn't if left to my own devices.  Sometimes I HAVE to ;-)  And I'm finding that sometimes I actually chose to!

Anyway, I hope you don't find my card way too simple but sometimes less is more, right?

It really isn't anything super special but I think it's just rustic and perfect!  That sentiment embosses in gold just beautifully!  I wanted to show you that while our images are always gorgeous, you can always make a sentiment the star of your card.  I really do love this saying and I have so many people at the top of my list;-)

I also chose this set is for that TEENY TINY background stamp!  I really wanted to focus on those little leaves.  One of the first sets I got years and years ago had a similar leaf background and this totally reminded me of it.  

I stamped my leaves on watercolor paper and then spritzed it with just a tiny bit of water.  Some of them bled and some of them didn't, which was my goal.  Once it was dry, I flicked a little ink on with my marker as well.  A little jute twine to top it off and it was the perfect finishing touch.

I hope you liked my project and I hope I've inspired you to make some statements with sentiments!  It's time to hop on across the pond to Miriam!  You are just going to love what she has for you!

Happy stamping! Product List

Monday, October 16, 2017

Happy Day!

Hi stampers!  It's a happy day over here because I think Ian is potty trained!!!  We've been working on it since last weekend and I was really afraid him being sick this week might have set us back but he's been doing great!  Hooray!  Frankly, I kind of put it off because I wasn't sure how to go about it and every single thing I read contradicted something else I read, lol!  I like to do everything "just right".  So, after getting totally frustrated, I said screw it, we're winging it and it worked...kind of like I stamp...I just wing it ;-)

Like this card here, the main image had been sitting on my desk for MONTHS.  I thought maybe I had colored it before we was that long ago almost...but I realized I didn't have the new in colors when we moved, or I hadn't used them yet anyway!  Ha!

Hope you like it!  I'll update the supplies later.  I worked on the post late Sunday night and I just couldn't function any longer :-)

Friday, October 13, 2017

Fab Friday 123

Hi stampers!  Thank GOODNESS it's Friday!  It's been a week around here!  I walked into Ian's room yesterday morning to find he'd gotten sick sometime during the night and not called for us and then continued to be sick most of the day, poor guy!  Hopefully he's on the mend now!  Anyway, it's not been a very productive week for anything (except maybe laundry and anxiety, ha) including stamping and blogging.

At least I have something for Fab Friday this week though!

I did a pretty simple card but I think it's cute and a little spooky :-)  I was going to take a better picture as well but since the day went sideways, this will have to work!

I'll try to add the supplies later.  As I'm blogging this, I've hit my effort limit for the day (lol).

Happy stamping!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Dog Ate my Card

Or pooped in my dryer...Hi stampers!  She may not have but I certainly found some in it (from laundry in a laundry basket as far as I can tell) on Monday.  The rest of the day was spent trying to get the smell out so there wasn't any stamping or blogging.  Excuses, excuses I know...but COME ON :-)

Anyway here's at least one quick card I got done on Saturday.  My color combo was inspired by some scraps I saw laying around together.

I flicked some ink on the background after I embossed it.  Hope you like it!

And I'll be shaking down the laundry for a while now...

Happy stamping! Product List

Friday, October 6, 2017

More Merry Patterns

Hi stampers!  I should be posting and stamping fall things but as I looked back over what I have created lately, I must have been in a Christmas mood last time I stamped :-)  So, you get some more Merry Patterns today.  I don't think you'll mind....

I splattered a bit of crumb cake ink with my marker onto the background panel and there is a tiny bit of the black Vintage Crochet Trim peeking out.  Don't be afraid to use Halloween products on your Christmas cards!    I really think the combination of any Christmas color and black is so elegant!  And this gets all the heart eyes!

If you'd like to see more of this set, check out yesterday's ADT blog hop for TWENTY projects! You can only get your hands on this one until October 31st by placing a qualifying order ($300 USD).  Get yours today!  You can order it all yourself, have a live party if you're local to the Tulsa area, or have a virtual party with me on Facebook!  It's tons of fun!  Contact me today if you're interested or have questions!

Maybe I'll get around to some fall creations this week/weekend.  How is it well into October already?

Happy stamping! Product List


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